Burn Injuries

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Many burn injuries are caused by another party’s negligence or recklessness. Burn injuries can result from fires, car accidents, and many other causes. These injuries often result in immense pain and can lead to life-threatening infections and severe disfigurement. Victims may face years of painful on-going treatment and surgeries as a result.

Steps to Take Immediately Following a Burn

Immediately after you are burnt, if it is a localized burn, take the following steps to minimize the physical pain and reduce the risk of an infection.

  • Run cool water over it – but not cold water or ice.
  • Use cool compresses if they feel good.
  • Keep it open to the air. That means don’t use any ointments or wrap it in bandages. You want the area to cool as quickly as possible.
  • Call a doctor immediately.

Classification of Burns

Burns are divided into three distinct categories:

  • First Degree Burns – affects only the outer layer of skin, causing reddening, pain, and edema. These are referred to as superficial burns and usually heal without medical treatment in 12-15 days and do not require specialist care.
  • Second Degree Burns – affects not only the outer layer of skin, but also some of the dermis, causing reddening of the skin, acute pain, and the formation of blisters and edema in and around the affected area. These burns are referred to as partial-thickness burns and usually heal in 21-30 days.
  • Third Degree Burns – destroys the full thickness of the skin, epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat, muscle, and bones. The burned area turns white and dry. Due to the destruction of the nerve endings, pain is minor or non-existent. These burns are also referred to as full-thickness burns. They heal very slowly and often develop scars causing disfigurements and possibly impaired mobility.

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