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Our team of personal injury lawyers are committed to helping accident victims navigate the legal system following accidents & injuries. As our reputation grew, so did the demand for our legal services across Edmonton, Calgary & Vancouver.

Our clients began requesting that we handle other areas of personal injury law such as aviation & marine accidents, as well as other injury disability insurance claims. While accommodating our clients’ needs, our litigation trial lawyers gained wide and diverse experience in a multitude of personal injury law areas. We now offer representation for injured victims and their families across a wide spectrum of personal injury claims cases.

Personalized Service

Our personal injury lawyers understand how the time immediately following an accident can be the most critical for investigating and gathering the evidence required to prove a personal injury or fatality claim. If you are injured, we can help by meeting you for a free, no obligation consultation. We offer you an overview of the area of personal injury law that applies to your unique circumstances and help you steer clear of the pitfalls and traps that exist early on in the insurance claim process.

We go one step further by providing you with the required forms to commence your no-fault benefits. The completion of these forms ensures payment of your immediate medical bills and assists you with access to some income replacement early on in your personal injury claim if you are disabled as a result of the injury accident.

We pride ourselves on personalized service and client care. We are here to serve you. We educate and explain the legal process to you as we gather the evidence to prove your claim. We will explain all of your options and offer recommendations but ultimately, we will heed your instructions and listen for your direction as to what steps you would like to take next. Our commitment is to you and your family and is ultimately what sets us apart from other law firms.

Most of our clients have our mobile phone numbers and call us whenever they need. We consider our clients to be family and over the course of a litigation file we become close to them and their loved ones. Long after the personal injury claim has been concluded, many clients continue to regularly stay in touch with our firm.

This tradition of trust and excellence has set us apart. We WILL make a difference for you. It’s an integral ingredient in our winning success formula. We are here to serve you and will do so professionally and graciously.

The Team Approach

We strongly believe that teamwork is the key to excellence in service, productivity and communication.

Two heads truly are better than one. Every case our firm handles utilizes a personalized team of lawyers and professionals. In doing so, our firm is more prepared to make balanced decisions regarding your case which helps immensely in building and executing case strategy and tactics. It also helps us really drill down on the issues and make sure everything is covered off before trial.

Our top personal injury lawyers are busy trial lawyers who litigate personal injury claims in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta and in the Superior Court of British Columbia. Our lawyers are members of either or both law societies of Alberta and British Columbia and we can litigate cases in either province. This allows us to serve Western Canada, as well as the North West Territories, efficiently and effectively.

We also consult cross-border into the USA with law firms in Washington, Arizona, New York and Florida. Our personal injury lawyers conduct court work which involves not always being in the office or accessible by phone. When we conduct personal injury trials, mediations or judicial dispute resolutions, we always team up 2-1 against the other side.

We take over a lot of cases from other law firms for various reasons, one of the biggest reasons being that clients cannot reach their lawyer. In many cases clients have been trying for days, weeks or even months without succeeding in getting through to and speaking with their lawyer or even receiving a return call. At Martin G. Schulz & Associates, our teamwork approach allows us to communicate better with our clients. If one lawyer is in Court, another lawyer is in the office together with a paralegal who can answer questions about your case file.

We understand the harm that accidents can cause and the financial hardships that usually follow. It is for this reason that our injury lawyers respond quickly to activate the no-fault insurance benefits which are available to all motor vehicle accident injury claimants and provide for loss of income and medical treatment costs and prescriptions.

Our personalized service and team approach together with our commitment to excellence sets us apart. As our reputation as personal injury trial attorneys grew, so did the demand for our injury litigation lawyers. The demand for our services became widespread and for the past 25 years we have been prosecuting personal injury cases throughout Western Canada. Let us help and serve you.

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