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For years we’ve been helping victims in the Calgary region with more than just their personal injury cases. At Martin G. Schulz & Associates, we specialize in both personal injury and criminal defence. If you or a loved one have ever found themselves on the wrong side of the law, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We will ensure that you are provided with all the information you need to fully understand what you are being charged with, what your legal options are going forward, and give you peace of mind during this stressful period of your life.

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    Strategic Criminal Defence Advice From Our Calgary Criminal Lawyers

    No matter the circumstances behind your criminal charge, you have the right to a fair and just court proceeding. Having the right lawyer on your side means more than just protecting yourself; it also means that you’re taking the steps necessary to ensure that you stay well-informed of what options are available to you throughout the legal process.

    When you choose to retain one of our Calgary criminal lawyers, you do more than just protect yourself in the criminal justice process. You also help regain peace of mind for yourself, your family members, and your loved ones.

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    Accepting Your Criminal Charge Isn’t Always The Answer

    Unfortunately when individuals are first issued a criminal charge for a minor criminal offence, they often accept the punishment they have been sentenced to with nothing but a downturned head. It is important to note, that no matter the nature of your offence, it is always possible to challenge your charge.

    At Martin G. Schulz & Associates, we’ve helped thousands of victims fight their cases with the Crown for a lighter or reduced sentence, an appeal, or to even have the charge dropped. We want you to understand that even if it feels like the walls are closing in on you, there is always an option available to move forward.

    In addition, once you plead guilty to a criminal offence — there is no going back. Even if this was your first offence, having a criminal record can severely impact your life for the worse. Depending on the circumstances and nature of the crime, your offence may stay on your record for a lifetime.

    Don’t let one mistake ruin your future! Get in touch with one of our lawyers today at (403) 245-9000.


    Criminal Defence Experience
    When it Matters Most

    From challenging domestic assault charges to defending property damage allegations, our criminal lawyers have the expertise to ensure that you get the legal representation you need to regain your peace of mind. Our lawyers will guide you through the legal process, discuss your legal options, and respect your wishes with regard to your criminal case.

    No matter the circumstances of your criminal offence, our Calgary criminal lawyers will always be on your side.

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    An Award-Winning Team of Calgary
    Criminal Defence Lawyers

    We are here to assure you that the law is on your side even if it feels like your world has been flipped upside down.

    No Fee Policy

    The last thing an injured person needs is another bill. With Martin G. Schulz and Associates, you pay no legal fees until we secure a settlement satisfying your needs.

    No Fee Policy

    The last thing an injured person needs is another bill. With Martin G. Schulz and Associates, you pay no legal fees until we secure a settlement satisfying your needs.

    Criminal Law Frequently Asked Questions

    At Martin G. Schulz & Associates, our lawyers are experienced and skilled in a number of legal services. When it comes to criminal defence, we specialize in the following fields:

    • Drugs
    • Criminal and/or impaired driving
    • Assault
    • Sex crimes
    • Property crimes
    • Fraud
    • Youth offences

    In addition, by choosing a lawyer who not only understands the Calgary criminal system but also knows criminal law like the back of their hand, you guarantee that you are taking the necessary steps to protect yourself in the legal system. We’ve helped thousands of clients reduce their sentences, appeal their charges, and even have charges withdrawn.

    To learn more about our criminal law services or to book your free no-obligation in-person or virtual consultation, feel free to contact us at (403) 245-9000.

    No matter your criminal history, obtaining a criminal record can create major obstacles in your life that can include the following:

    • Difficulties obtaining a professional license
    • Difficulties finding employment
    • Inability to qualify for certain educational programs
    • Inability to apply for scholarships
    • Inability to cross the Canada-US border
    • Inability to apply for citizenship
    • Inability to volunteer at select nonprofit or community organizations
    • Challenges finding safe and affordable housing
    • Being seen as an ‘unfit parent or guardian’ during child custody or family law proceedings
    • And more

    We recommend that you come prepared with a written statement or account of your version of events, any documents given to you by the police or the Court, any witness statements, personal injury medical reports or photographs, and any supporting documents that can help validate your claims.

    During your consultation, our lawyers will review all the documents provided to gain a better understanding of your case and advise you on your legal options going forward. We also ask that you bring a list of questions or concerns you may have so that our lawyers can help you gain a better understanding of what lies ahead.

    If you or a loved one has been served court papers, we recommend getting in touch with one of our Calgary-based criminal defence lawyers as soon as possible so that we may begin building a case for your defence. Generally, court papers will include a strict response deadline.

    If you are unsure of your legal options or are having trouble understanding what you are being charged with, please contact our Calgary criminal law firm. We will help you understand what is being laid against you, show you what your legal options are going forward, and relentlessly represent you in court should no settlement be reached between us and the Crown.


    Time is of the essence when it comes to personal injury claims. Evidence, witnesses, and memories can get lost or fade, so the sooner you start the process, the better. From the moment you contact our firm, we’ll work to understand your situation, answer all your questions, and develop a plan to get you the justice and compensation you deserve.

    Contact us today for your free, no-obligation, private consultation.