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When it comes to filing a personal injury law case, navigating the legal system can be a complex process. In addition, the claim-filing procedure also places affected individuals in a vulnerable position, mentally and economically, especially during moments of recovery. Importantly, it should be noted that injury claims are subject to time limits under Albertan law. Consequently, failing to submit one within the designated time window can mean automatically forfeiting your rights to a fair compensation.
In addition to time-sensitive constraints, the injury claim process can pose other issues. For instance, accident victims who either self-represent or accept payouts from insurance providers may end up receiving a substantially lower settlement than they were entitled to. This can also affect their rights to extend their claims.

To ensure you avoid unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses, follow the tips below. If need be, individuals in Calgary who require help with understanding applicable laws and rights before or after a claim has expired may wish to seek legal advice from a team of experienced injury lawyers.

Seek Medical Help As Soon As Possible

Since injury claims fall under time limits in Alberta, seeking medical help early on is critical to maximizing your insurance claim rewards. Even in situations when an injury victim does not experience pain at the time of the incident, related side effects can develop in the future. Examples could include chronic pain, headaches, or other medical symptoms.

Don't Settle For Insurance Claim Payouts

While it may appear that insurance companies are helping you with your claim, this may not always be the case. It is crucial to keep in mind that details collected or discounted from the incident can be used to lower your settlement. Unknowing self-representing individuals may accept a payout that excludes their rights to compensation for associated costs or expenses.

Document Injury Expenses

Keeping track of your medical records, loss of income, or associated medical expenses is important to qualify for any related entitlements to compensation you may have in the future. This may include losing the capacity to work and lost wages, adjusted at-home accommodations, property damages, and hospital fees. For individuals who have suffered mental health issues as a result of the accident, noting down activities and experiences of discomfort may help in pain and suffering claims.

File a Report to the Authorities

When submitting a claim, you may be requested to provide ample evidence tying your injury to the incident. In any car or slip and fall accident, it is critical to contact local witnesses, employees, the police and concerning authorities. Without doing so, it may be harder for affected victims to gather the necessary evidence overtime, and sources may become less reliable. By filing police reports early on and identifying the at-fault party, this will help ensure that you document the events as thoroughly and accurately as possible to support your case.

Consult a Calgary Injury Lawyer Early On

To get the most out of your personal injury claim, you may wish to seek specialized help. At Martin G. Schulz & Associates, our legal team of Calgary personal injury lawyers are ready to sort through your legal challenges, supply investigators for car-related accidents, collect evidence, and explore your legal options. Whether you're facing an insurance company or are in court, we can represent you in a claim or in a personal injury lawsuit.
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