Edmonton is a great city located at the center of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Our law firm's Edmonton office is located in the Scotia Tower on Jasper Ave. In 2016, the census stated that Edmonton had a population of 930,000, and growing by the day. This makes Edmonton the second-biggest city in Alberta and the fifth-biggest municipality in Canada. The fact that it is home to different nationalities is the reason why it is more interesting to explore. If you are currently in Edmonton and you are looking for fun things to do in the city during summer, here are some of the activities you might want to try.


Have fun at Edmonton Corn Maze

Summer is good to explore flower fields, like Edmonton Corn Maze. The field of sunflowers will leave you in awe as you create treasurable memories with your families and friends. Some of the fun activities you can do here include riding the grain train, joining the pedal car race, and playing with farm animals.

Walk across High-Level Bridge at night

The summer days may be hot, so a good alternative to enjoy the summer season is by walking across High-Level Bridge at night. To enjoy this activity, begin at Edmonton Legislature location and walk across the bridge until you reach 109 street. The journey is better experienced if you have someone to walk with you. Invite your family and friends to enjoy summer nights strolling. The bridge is lit with lights that are capable of changing colors. Enjoy the picturesque views of the downtown as much as you can. If you are up for a drink, you can try Sugar Bowl or Highlevel Diner.

Go to Alberta Beach

There is nothing more fun than visiting a beach during the summer. Although it's a mainstream activity, Alberta Beach is too amazing not to visit. It is located on the banks of Lac St. Anne, a perfect place where you can spend your summer basking in the sun. Invite your loved ones to paddle in the water to beat the heat. And, don't forget to try some local eateries for affordable and delicious meals.

Visit Farmer's Market

Food has always been among the top attractions in Edmonton. If you want to taste the mouthwatering local food, 124th Street Grand Market is your go-to place. It is situated at Farmer's markets and the food stalls are initiated by local farmers. You also have the option to try other Edmonton Farmer Markets such as the Old Strathcona Farmers' Market and City Market Downtown, Food trucks, tents, and stall are available to serve you not just with food but with other products too, including clothing and entertainment.

Take a flight with Edmonton Regional Helicopters

If you want to take your experience to another level, take a flight with Edmonton Regional Helicopters. This is best done in the afternoon so you can enjoy more of Snow Valley Aerial Parks off-the-ground activities and obstacles. Take a look at the whole city from a bird's eye view and never miss an opportunity to get your head in the clouds.