SUV Rollovers

At Martin G. Schulz & Associates, we understand that an SUV rollover accident can have serious and devastating consequences for all parties involved. Our skilled team of personal injury lawyers has the experience to bring you the best possible award to compensate you for your injuries.

SUV rollover accidents occur when a sport utility vehicle rolls over on its side or roof after the driver has lost control of the vehicle. In most cases, SUV rollover accidents occur during a very sharp turn at extreme speeds. In today’s society, the SUV has replaced the minivan in popularity, resulting in an increase in rollover accidents. Among the SUVs that have been tested, there is a 13%-34% chance of rolling over, compared to a range of 7%-15% for passenger cars.

Statistics Related to SUV Rollovers

  • FACT: Car-crash deaths outnumber homicide by almost five to one in Canada.
  • FACT: Approximately 10,000 people die in rollover accidents each year.
  • FACT: More than 60% of these accidents involve SUVs.

Causes and Dangers for SUV Rollover Accidents

Understanding the risks involved in driving a sport utility vehicle and the reasons why SUV’s are more susceptible to rollovers, compared to other motor vehicles, may help prevent unnecessary rollover accidents.

  • Center of Gravity -A high center of gravity/narrow track width is one of the most important factors in determining a potential SUV rollover. SUVs have a higher center of gravity than other vehicles making them top heavy. A quick corrective action puts an SUV in a rollover position.
  • Added Weight -SUVs are designed to have the ability to transport more people, heavier loads of equipment, etc., over a variety of terrains. These advantages have increased the market for SUVs as a family car, rather than for simply off-roading. Unfortunately, one disadvantage associated with the SUVs capabilities is that more weight actually increases the chances of an SUV rollover accident occurring, despite the belief that added weight adds stability.
  • Roll Protections – An SUV without roll protection is what makes an SUV rollover accident so injurious. Although SUVs were initially intended for off-roading, manufacturers recognized the use of SUVs as a family car and did not include roll bars.

SUV Studies and Results

Sport utility vehicles have the highest rate of deaths associated with rollover accidents. Vehicles such as the Ford Explorer, Toyota 4 Runner, Isuzu Rodeo, and the Honda Passport have been involved in SUV rollovers that have resulted in serious injuries and even death. SUV rollovers are almost three times more likely to occur compared to the average passenger car, and government tests indicate that the most stable SUV is still more unstable than the most unstable car.

Studies of single-vehicle crashes show that more than 90% of rollovers occur after the vehicle has left the surface of the road. These accidents so often result in head injuries. Head trauma is the most frequent form of both fatal and nonfatal injuries in rollovers.

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