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In larger urban centres like Edmonton, motor vehicle accidents are very common, especially during the winter months when the added risk of icy roads can enhance other dangers.

To stay safe while driving, it's important to be aware of the common pitfalls that lead to car accidents. Below, we'll go over some dangers to be aware of within Edmonton and the surrounding Alberta countryside.

If you experience any of these hazards while driving, our Lawyers in Edmonton are here to help as you seek compensation for any damages or injuries suffered.

Tailgating other drivers

If you are driving too close to a car (or tailgating), you may not have enough space to distance yourself or react if the driver in front of you suddenly breaks or begins to skid across the road.

Further, if the car ahead is shielding potential dangers, and you don't have time to move, you could lose control of your vehicle, which may result in a collision between your two cars.

Tailgating gone wrong can cause a wide range of accidents, from cosmetic damage to your vehicle to serious bodily injury, and in a large city like Edmonton, may result in a collision of multiple drivers.


Edmonton receives rain and snow in large doses, providing a real risk of hydroplaning for drivers. Hydroplaning is an effect caused by the water pressure from wet roads that raises vehicles from the surface, causing the wheels to lose contact with the pavement and begin sliding around.

While hydroplaning can occur at any speed, given the right conditions, the risk is greater for those driving at higher speeds.

If you lose control of your vehicle via hydroplaning, it can be very difficult to regain control and may result in an automobile collision between you, another driver, or even multiple vehicles.


Many unchecked drivers don't heed the instructions of road signs and will drive above the speed limit. This may be in an attempt to get to their destination faster or because they enjoy driving at riskier speeds.

However, such actions are reckless, and in a city like Edmonton, where many drivers are present on the road, they can be detrimental and result in the injury or fatality of multiple people.

Distracted driving

Over the past two decades, as mobile devices have become more accessible, car accidents caused by distracted driving have continued to increase. In fact, around 72 fatalities from distracted driving occur each year in the province of Alberta alone.

Using or talking on your mobile device while driving is both illegal and reckless, and the risk of an accident occurring further increases when driving in Edmonton's city limits, where the roads are heavily populated.


Being situated so close to the River Valley and other surrounding countryside, Edmonton drivers often come face-to-face with wildlife on the road.

While we all enjoy spotting animals while driving, these furry friends can often be the cause of serious and even fatal accidents. Animals can appear without warning, causing drivers to swerve and either collide with another vehicle or run off the road.

While this may not always be prevented, drivers can lower the risk of such an accident by driving at a lower speed on roads where wildlife is known to cross so they have time to break.

Inexperienced drivers

Many new drivers are excited when they are granted their full license, as it allows them to be more independent. However, individuals who are still learning the ins and outs of city driving can pose a risk for others if they neglect to follow certain road rules.

More experienced drivers can protect themselves and others on the road by giving new drivers a wide berth when spotted to provide them both the time and space to make a mistake.

Hire Martin G Schulz & Associates, Edmonton's motor vehicle accident lawyers

While there are many ways to prevent accidents on the road, some circumstances may be out of your control. If you've suffered an accident at the hands of another driver, our team of lawyers in Edmonton is here to provide support.

At Martin G Schulz & Associates, our legal team will work with you to secure a fair settlement from your insurance company and help get you on the road to recovery.

Regardless of the damage done to your vehicle, you may still have suffered severe injuries. By enlisting legal services from one of our Edmonton motor vehicle accident lawyers, you can also secure monetary compensation for any medical bills or treatment you require during this difficult time.