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If you or your loved one have suffered injuries from a car accident, you likely wish to file an accident claim and receive compensation for the damages caused. If you've never been in an accident before, you're likely overwhelmed at the prospect of trying to settle with both the guilty party and your insurance company.

If you hire a lawyer to handle your case, you'll greatly increase your chances of receiving fair compensation for what you've endured and seeing the guilty party brought to justice.

However, before you choose a law firm for your case, there are a few things you should consider when hiring accident claim lawyers. Below, we'll examine these important factors to ensure you're receiving the best legal aid possible.


When choosing legal representation for your accident claim, you're well ahead to select a law firm that has experience with such cases. Motor vehicle accident cases are different from general personal injury, so you'll want to pick a lawyer who has worked on both.

While many Canadian provinces handle accident claims similarly, each province has its own laws and regulations that lawyers must adhere to. If you're based in Edmonton, the lawyer(s) you select should also be based in the surrounding region and have experience practicing in Alberta.

Reputation and success rate

In relation to their experience, a seasoned accident claim lawyer(s) should have a reputation within Edmonton that precedes them, whether good or bad.

Therefore, it's important to research your potential lawyers and the reviews they've received from former clients. If their reputation is mostly negative, you may wish to look for alternative representation.

It's also important to consider their success rate - have they won many accident claim cases? Were their clients reasonably satisfied with the outcome? Your chances of obtaining fair compensation for your injuries are greater if your lawyer has successfully done so for previous clientele.


Signing with a large, prestigious law firm can offer many benefits, as you'll have access to top-tier lawyers and resources. However, they may also have an abundance of clients and cases on their roster at one time, putting their availability in question.

Ideally, your lawyer will have the time to meet with you, answer questions, and provide representation in court if needed. If their workload is backed up with multiple cases, they may not be able to offer the attention needed for your case.

The fee structure

During your consultation with your chosen law firm, it's important to ask about how you are expected to pay for their services. Each lawyer will charge differently for their expertise, depending on the level of representation you require.

Lawyers charge in four main ways: fixed fees, contingency fees, hourly rates, and value-added/percentage fees. While you want the best representation possible, you also need to select a lawyer who charges within your means and budget.

Therefore, before committing to representation, make sure you fully understand your lawyer's fee structure and rates.


When considering which law firm to choose for your case, you'll want to ask about the different resources they have at their disposal. Reputable law firms should have access to experts from varied fields who can consult on the details of your case, investigators, and expert witnesses.

These types of resources can help strengthen the validity of your testimony and can be the determining factor in whether you are granted proper compensation for your injuries.

Claim process length

Court cases are lengthy at the best of times and often take longer to settle than many realize. Before you sign any agreements with your chosen law firm, it's important to have a good understanding of how long the claim process may take.

While a good lawyer will try their best to expedite the case, accident claims can take months or even years to settle.

Your lawyer will not be able to provide a set date for when your case will conclude, but after reviewing all the details and evidence, they should be able to give you a general date range based on the different possible outcomes.

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Accident claim cases can be stressful and lengthy, but with top legal representation, you'll gain a better chance of reaching a fair verdict.

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