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Here at Martin G. Schulz & Associates, we are all-too-familiar with the ugly outcomes of vehicle collisions and the related suffering of those involved. We believe that victims are owed their due in the eyes of the law and that restitution should scale up with the graveness of their difficulties. We all spend time on the road, so we should all be aware of what can happen and, most importantly, avoid experiencing anything so tragic. Keep reading for the five most common injuries in vehicle collisions, categorized by the areas of the human body.

The human brain is the single most important part of any body, and any damage to it could be catastrophic. Vehicle collisions are known for causing concussions and other traumatic brain injuries, but the psychological impact is often overlooked. Do not underestimate the long-term effects of trauma on the human psyche, it can easily derail everyday life long after the initial incident.

Neck & Spine
The victim in the neck brace complaining of whiplash — it is an overused exaggeration that is now the symbol of the “insurance fraudster.” This is a dangerous misconception and a harmful stereotype; not in the least because it blames the victim, but also because it lessens the very real danger of neck injuries. Whiplash can be a chronic, debilitating condition and there is very little modern medicine can do to repair severely damaged parts of the neck, spinal cord, and central nervous system.

Often the most gruesome and visceral of vehicle collision injuries, lacerations are the scrapes, cuts and other wounds caused most often by shrapnel or debris. Glass, metal, plastic and even things as innocuous as cardboard or paper can cause serious injury when caught up in the speed of even the most minor collisions. Not only can you suffer lacerations that require stitches, they can also damage nerves, cause severe bleeding and even damage sensitive areas such as your eyes.

Limbs & Soft Tissue
Vehicles are made to preserve their passengers as best they can, unfortunately, there are collisions that make aspects of this goal impossible. Due to certain design choices and engineering needs, legs and arms are often in areas where a collision can compromise their safety. Fractures and separations are only the beginning, as one injury can lead to more– especially when soft tissues such as muscles and joints are impacted.

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