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When choosing your legal representation, it can be overwhelming to sort through the many options at your fingertips. The first step you should take is to determine what sort of lawyer you need. That’s right– not every lawyer is made equal! Whether through a firm or an independent office, legal professionals each have their own specialties and experiences that allow them to tailor their work to your needs. For more information about the difference between a general law firm and Martin G. Schulz & Associates, read our crash course below.

Consider the opposition
Most often after a personal injury, your case is up against an expensive legal team employed by the insurance company liable for the incident. A general law firm may be adequate to get the bare minimum owed to you, but a typical injury and insurance lawyer likely has decades of cases behind them. This specialized experience could make a difference when faced with lawyers representing the interest of a major corporation.

Know your options
Some lawyers may offer the quickest or most efficient way to handle your case, but a good personal injury professional knows that this method does not always produce the best results. Before ever taking your payment, a good lawyer should always explain each and every possibility ahead of you. Beware promises that sound too good to be true, reputable legal representation should advise you of even the negative outcomes that might arise.

Test the expert
If you are skeptical about your chosen lawyer’s ability to provide specialized personal injury advice, do not hesitate to ask the tough questions. Ask them if they have any experience with the specific insurance company firsthand and feel free to ask for details of cases they have handled similar to yours. Further to that, you might ask if they have worked as a lawyer in the insurance field– much of the best personal injury representation does at some point in their career.

The above differences are just short examples of how a personal injury lawyer could give you an edge over-representation from a general law firm. For more details and specifics, contact or visit the pros here at Martin G. Schulz & Associates today!