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From insurance to safety equipment, motorcycle operators know they have specialized needs and most are happy to pay for the privilege. When it comes to an accident or injury on the road, the best thing a motorcyclist can do is be as safe as possible all of the time. Adhering to regulations will avoid the aforementioned insurance complications, as well as legal consequences. Keep reading the top four tips for motorcycle accident prevention from Martin G Schulz & Associates.

Avoid Hazards
Whether deliberate or unintentional, riding a motorcycle through a road hazard can have major consequences. Not only are two-wheeled vehicles more likely to lose traction on common debris like gravel or sand, but their accidents are also more serious for both vehicle and operator. Some exceptions exist, such as the actions of another motorist forcing you to interact with a hazard.

Maintenance & Upkeep
Most “bikers” are enthusiasts and take excellent care of their vehicles, but no matter the case: it is extremely important to keep motorcycles in peak operating conditions. As stated above, a surprise malfunction is more likely to have a dangerous or harmful conclusion for motorcyclists. Always service your motorcycle regularly— DIY or by a trusted tech– and learn how to anticipate and identify common mechanical problems. Neglected issues or general disrepair means your letting down your end as a motorcycle operator.

Follow the Rules
It may sound simple, but following basic road and safety laws is the single easiest way to prevent motorcycle accidents and remain safe on the road. Motorcyclists should always drive defensively and courteously– but it is always helpful to raise your skill level with lessons or training. Learning from professionals will teach you the strategies necessary to ride safely!

Gear Up
Not only are helmets mandatory in Alberta, but they must also be officially rated to a regulatory standard– no imitations accepted. Additionally, motorcyclists may also be held to a higher standard of personal safety. It is always wise to wear protection such as padded coats and pants, specialized gloves and boots or even fire-retardant gear. Unlike other vehicles, there is much less between a motorcycle operator and the road.

The above four tips for being safe on the road is only a summary of motorcycle accident prevention. For more information, seek out resources in your area! Bring any legal questions or concerns regarding your motorcycle or recreational vehicle to Martin G Schulz & Associates today!