5 Accident Injuries That Impact Your Every-Day Life

accident back pain neck pain arthritis concussion loss of limbs
There is no doubt that any injury has an impact on your life. However, some injuries can permanently affect and alter your day-to-day living. Read on for our overview of injuries that can leave a long-lasting effect well after the accident. Back Pain Back and spine pain is particularly common after an accident due to the jerking forces that a body endures. While back pain may take days or even…
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6 Steps to Take if You Have Been Bitten by a Dog

dog bite injury
It is easy to forget that dogs are animals with their own free will, especially in this era of funny puppy videos and wacky dog memes. Responsible owners drastically lower the chance of a dog biting, but we cannot read an animal’s mind– creatures have even been recorded attacking humans, only to be seen acting regretfully afterward. Follow these six steps from Martin G Schulz & Associates to keep a…
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5 Tips for Being Safe on the Water

marine safety boating
As the owner or operator of a watercraft, you are legally liable for a variety of delicate responsibilities– in some ways it is similar to a road vehicle, but it is extremely different in others. Whether you enjoy your time on Alberta lakes, off the Pacific coast or somewhere more exotic: many of the same conditions apply! Keep reading for Martin G Schulz’s top five tips for being safe on…
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WHAT TO DO If You’ve Gotten in a Bike Accident

bike accident
Just as with a motor vehicle, the operator of a bicycle has several responsibilities after an accident. Whether the accident included another party or not, your first priority is to see if you are okay! Once this is done, proceed to the steps summarized below by Martin G Schulz and Associates. Remember: this is only a guideline, verify all local laws and safety regulations before you set out on your…
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HOW TO: What Car Drivers Can Do to Avoid Motorcycle-Car Accidents

motorcyle accident car accident legal liability
Both vehicles are “street legal,” but it is easy to see that there is a huge difference between motorcycles and cars. While motorcycles are involved with more accidents and fatalities overall, over half of such incidents involve contact with a car. One driver is encased in safety and the other is exposed to the elements– even with full safety gear, motorcycle operators are always at greater risk. If you are…
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