motor vehicle accidents, summer driving



Even though the summer brings beautiful weather and great road conditions, you still need to be cautious while driving. Motor vehicle accidents actually increase in the summer due to more traffic on the roads and drivers often being less alert. Here are some of the RCMP’s suggestions for having a fun and safe summer driving experience.

1. Fatigue
Canada is a massive country, which means Canadians travel great distances for work and pleasure. These long trips increase the likelihood of fatigued drivers. Few people realize that fatigue is a form of impairment and that driving while tired can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. While it may be tempting to drive all through the night to finish your drive, it’s better to take a break, get some sleep, and finish the drive in the morning.

2. Mechanical Fitness
While you should always make sure your vehicle is in good working order, driving in the summer adds some extra considerations. Be sure to check your fluid levels, especially during periods of extreme heat. Pay special attention to tire condition and pressure as well to avoid a blowout. Spending a few extra minutes to check over your vehicle can save you hours of time and hundreds of dollars in repairs down the road!

3. Drive Defensively
Defensive driving is a huge key to being a good, safe driver regardless of the road conditions. The roads may be in excellent condition, but you still need to take care and maintain a safe following distance between vehicles. Use your mirrors and check your blind spots to be aware of other drivers around you. Most importantly, keep your road rage at bay. Aggressive driving techniques such as tailgating, cutting people off, and preventing merging make the roads less safe for everyone.

4. Impaired Driving
The long, warm summer nights bring about patio season, which is perfect for a cocktail or two on the deck. If do so, do not drive! Impaired driving is one of the leading causes of death within Canada, with 1 in 3 motor vehicle collisions involving alcohol and 1 in 10 drivers on the road after 10 pm having consumed alcohol. Regardless of the situation, drinking and driving is never the right choice. Use a designated driver, call a friend, get a taxi, use public transit, walk, or even stay the night if you can; all of these are much smarter and safer options for you.

Following these guidelines will help keep you safe on the roads regardless of the season! Martin G. Schulz & Associates has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with personal injuries and automotive accidents throughout Western Canada, including Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or have questions regarding personal injury claims, contact our team today.